I write stories as a sort of blue-booking exercise. I find that it helps me to get inside my characters' heads, and I find that a lot of background detail tends to emerge as the story develops - which I can then use in my PbEM games

The character I've written the most for is a guy called Damian Tyrell, an oWoD Gangrel neonate. I originally created him specifically to write stories about; I didn't actually get to play him until I joined an online game run by my good friend Damon. Damian's sire, Eirik Haraldsson, and his two other childer Megan of Bristol and Marc de Brabant, eventually took on a life of their own as well, especially after they guest-starred in the original Walls of Blood game

The first Walls of Blood game introduced a fellow called Ranulf Fitz Rufus, a sort of Old Faith version of a Mummy character. Inspired largely by my friend Brent, and Ranulf's relationship with Brent's character, the chivalrous Tzimisce Lord Raguel, I imagined Ranulf's ongoing story right down to the modern day. I originally wrote some vignettes showing what he was up to nowadays and a little about his history since the medieval period. None of them ever evolved into a complete story, but I must admit, I rather like them for background flavour

Ranulf and Damian met in a story called "Glastonbury Tourniquet", a prequel story set before "Fetch Priory" which showed how Damian and his Ventrue ally, Nick Baron, first met. That story also introduces Greg Morel, a Hunter of the Redeemer creed who's now my PC in Eric's Puzzles of Darkness game in modern-day New York

Caradoc the Celt, Eirik's sire and Damian's grandsire, had lurked in the back of my mind ever since I created Eirik, but he didn't really emerge as a fulf-fledged character until I needed to explain how Bryn Celyn, my Mage character in the Phoenix game, knew about vampires and wraiths. From that question emerged the tale of Bleeding Heart Yard