Fetch Priory

Image by Ulysses0302. Please do not use without permission

Fetch Priory was the first Damian Tyrell story I wrote, although chronologically it's set after "Glastonbury Tourniquet".

It was first inspired in large measure by stories I read or saw on television as a child - "The Bells of Astercote", and "Tom's Midnight Garden". Those ideas fused with a single film sequence from the BBC's "Walking with Beasts" - of a Neanderthal hunter fleeing a wooly rhino in the ice age - and the story of the Old One was born

I was never a fan of the monstrous, freak-show version of the Sabbat, so I created the Cryptographers, a nomadic pack with a cerebral, intellectual bent. All of Irina's group were drawn from intelligence services of some kind, and intelligence - in both senses of the word - is their watchword in making their plans

The story gets quite dark towards the end - as you might expect when a pack of Sabbat is involved, however cerebral - and it intentionally leaves one or two questions unanswered, such as what, exactly, seems to be protecting Damian's bloodline.

It's a story which I think fits much more comfortably in the old World of Darkness than the new. Like White Wolf themselves, I think I've grown to think that WoD stories work best on a smaller, more personal scale. But I must admit, as my first full-length WoD story, Fetch Priory holds a special place in my heart