Classic World of Darkness Characters

From left to right: Eirik Haraldsson, Flynn Bishop, Iain Grendel and Marc de Brabant discuss a problem. Image by Ulysses0302. Please do not use without permission

I like connections. When I create PCs or NPCs, I like to make them part of the same game world, even if they were created for different games, and even if the links between them are very obscure. So the characters in this section, although they were created at different times and for different games, all have some kind of link to each other, however tenuous.

It all started in about 1992, with a single scene. There was a snowy landscape, trees, a fire, and beside it, a young man being drained of his blood by an attractive female vampire. There was another vampire racing to his rescue, but arriving just a little too late to save him. There was a struggle, the female vampire was hurled into the fire, and the dying young man was Embraced into the Gangrel clan.

From that single scene grew, eventually, everything else in the Classic World of Darkness sections of my site. The young man became Damian Tyrell, and from Damian came the beginnings of the concept for his sire, Eirik Haraldsson, which I fleshed out a little when I bought Wolves of the Sea. I began to map out Damian's story in my head, but it was an on-again, off-again thing.

Then I had the good fortune to meet my friend Damon in the old White Wolf chat rooms, we got talking, and I proposed Damian Tyrell as a PC in a new pbem that he was planning to start. With that impetus, I started to type up a greatly expanded backstory for the character, starting with his sire Eirik's long history, the story of Fetch Priory, and then the Glastonbury story, which in turn led me to create Nick Baron and Kathryn Malcolm. As I was developing Eirik's history, his coterie started to acquire personalities and backstories of their own, and so Marc de Brabant and Megan of Bristol took shape.

A few years later, Damon coaxed me into running a Dark Ages pbem set in medieval London. The leader of the London Gangrel became Eirik's sister in blood, Chalice of Mercia, and Eirik and his coterie appeared in guest-star NPC roles in the game.

Another NPC in that game, Ranulf Fitz Rufus, was originally intended to be the leading villain of the story, destined to die at the culmination of the first major plot line. My players had other ideas and Ranulf found himself redeemed, and allied to the characters. I started thinking about what would happen to Ranulf in future centuries, and from that came the vignettes in the Story section and, rather spontaneously, the character of Alastor Sebastian Moran.

Greg Morel was originally created as a Hunter character for my Glastonbury story about Damian and Nick, but I needed an NPC for a pbem game set in New York, and something about him clicked with me, so I developed him a little.

Damon recently started a new pbem set in Detroi, for which I created Flynn Bishop, club owner and Camarilla spy. I needed a distant but fairly sympathetic Mentor for him, and Marc de Brabant fitted the bill nicely.

Ryan McGrath, another new PC for a pbem run by my friend Rett, doesn't have any obvious links to the other characters in this section, but in fact, there are a couple of connections. Ryan is descended from Ingrid Setsdottir, the Setite elder who killed Damian Tyrell and forced Eirik to Embrace him. Less obviously, one of Flynn Bishop's contacts actually works for Ryan's sister Catherine, and her branch of the Boston Irish Mob.

Bryn Celyn, the next character in this little Rogues' Gallery, was made for a pbem set in Phoenix, Arixona. He didn't originally have much of a connection to the other characters, save that he was a multiple-times great-grandson of Robert Tyrell, the (living) Tremere Mage who was once allied with Eirik and his coterie. As the game progressed, however, I needed a vampire contact as part of his backstory, and for that, I decided to flesh out the story of Eirik's sire, Caradoc the Celt.

Caradoc is both one of the oldest characters I've created, and one of the newest. I worked out the basic details of his backstory more than a decade ago when I created Eirik, but I didn't really fill the pieces in until he took centre stage as a character in Bryn's story.