The Undying of London


Sir Edward Clarke

Jonathan Black

"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself" - Joseph Campbell

Physical Description

Carthephius appears to be about middle age, with light wrinkles forming around his gray eyes. He has brown hair and his skin is rough and tanned, as if he's been living and working in the outdoors most of his life. His dress is always appropriate for the occasional, and he takes pains not to attract too much attention.

There is a confidence in the way he moves and interacts with others. He carries himself like a man capable of violence if necessary; a soldier who will not hesitate to strike against a threat without hesitation to protect both himself and any in his care.


There are few people in medieval Europe that see past the fiction of Sir Edward Clarke and behold the Roman Legionnaire and Undying soldier Carthephius. The Roman is a soldier first and foremost, and this ultimately affects how he interacts with others. Everyone is either a potential alley or enemy.

When playing the role of Edward Clarke, he comes across as a pious soldier of God who is nevertheless hesitant to cast judgment on others. He's seen much of the world, and the experience has opened its eyes to possibilities beyond church teachings. The act is a good one, and Carthephius manages to fool even himself on occasion.


Born as Joshua, son of Absalon, Carthephius joined the Roman Legions as a boy with the hope of earning a diploma and winning citizenship within the Empire. He adopted a Roman name while in the Legions, abandoning his Hebrew identity. He traveled across the known world, and earned the respect of his officers and fellow soldiers, earning honor, glory, and wealth in the process. The stories of these years are said to be epic themselves, but when word reached the soldier that his sister had been raped and murdered, he was given leave and returned home to Jerusalem.

When he arrived, he learned that the killer, a monster named Barabbas, had been apprehended by local officials and sentenced to death by crucifixion. The sentence was never carried out. At the request of the citizenry, Barabbas was spared and a local madman claiming to be the King of the Jews was executed in his place.

Carthephius visited the carpenter's son in the early morning hours of that tragic day. What the two spoke of is unknown, and the Roman has never shared it with anyone. He remained in Jerusalem to witness the execution and then left the next day to return to his unit.

Three years later Carthephius was inducted into the Shemsu-Heru. He fought loyal for Horus, despite the racism felt towards non-Egyptians, until the tenth century. Carthephius wished to aide his wife and daughters, members of House Diedne, against the Order of Hermes. Horus undermined his efforts, concerned at angering the wizards. The Roman walked away from the Shemsu-Heru, and never looked back.

Today, Carthephius is an active member of the Society of Tsenetnofret (Society of the Perfect Companion), a loose confederation of Undying who provide material support to one another, as well as friendship. The Roman has declared his ultimate loyalty rests with the human race, and he seeks to help mankind one individual at a time against the monsters of the world. His goal is to be a candle in the darkness, providing a little warmth and hope in a world which is so often lacking.

As Sir Edward Clarke, Carthephius has become something of a wandering ronin, using skills as storyteller and a warrior to help fight against the encroaching darkness that seems to be descending upon the world.

Sir Edward Clarke

Edward Thatcher was born in the village of Clarke on the northern tip of Ireland. When word reached that all good Christians were being called to join the Crusade to free the Holy Land, Edward did not hesitate to join the cause. He fought with honor, helped to repel an ambush that was targeting a Cardinal from Rome. He was rewarded with a Knighthood.

Edward traveled extensively through the Holy Land, and in Judea he found himself defending Muslim, Christian, and Jewish peasants from a death cult that was terrorizing the population, harvesting them for materials and sacrifice. With the aid of allies, Sir Edward destroyed the cult, but in the wreckage of their library he found evidence of their presence in England.

Sir Edward has returned home to hunt down and finish what was begun in Judea.

Future Imperfect - Jonathan Black

By the 1990's, Carthephilus will have settled in the new world, splitting his time between the cities of New York and Gotham. Assuming the identity of a Sorcerer and Occult Bookstore Owner, he creates the identity of Jonathan Black. During this time, he combats an immortal wizard intent on opening the gates of hell and works to hunt down a number of the LeMarchland Puzzle boxes. He agrees to ally himself with the Shemsu-Heru for a brief time, though the relationship doesn't last and ends poorly.

Minkah Serkhet

True Name: Amisi Senusnet

Known Name: Djeserit Baruti Mshai "Holy Woman Teacher Traveler"

Physical Description

Amisi stands just a little over 5’ (1.5 meters) tall, short by comparison to most she encounters, but lean and muscular in her stature, and evidently not a stranger to hard labor. Her features are what one might consider ‘exotic’ (Appearance 4). Her skin is a soft mocha color common to those typically of Middle Eastern or Mediterranean descent. Despite centuries of road travel and living outdoors, her skin still maintains a youthful elasticity to it that belies her exposure to the elements. Her looks would place her age somewhere in her early 20’s by a typical visual reckoning.

Amisi’s usual road garb is practical in its application with a curious mix of Persian, Indian and Asian influence in its style. Her pants are hakama styled riding pants with ties that begin at the knees and wind their way down to her ankles over her calves. Unadorned slip-on, over-the-calf heavy riding boots keep the snow and wet off her feet. She wears a heavy, dark purple to maroon colored woven long scarf wrapped around her head, face, and neck revealing only her eyes upon first approach. Supple calf leather riding gloves covered her hands.

She carries a long-hilted two-handed shamshir scimitar that rides comfortably at her hip along with a curved kukuri blade on a tooled double wrap sword belt at her lower back. She also wears a multipocketed, tooled bandolier that hangs across her chest to one side and a large leather satchel bag, both of which form an X across her chest. She also keeps an unstrung composite recurve bow of evident Asian design strapped to her horse along with a capped quiver of approximately a dozen arrows.


There are natures in people. Some are led to live the life of a soldier, or a farmer, or priest, as if it were in their very blood itself. For Amisi, she was bred into this world to play the role of Teacher and Keeper of Secrets. Her destiny was foreseen in the stars themselves by the priests and priestesses of Hathor back during the reign of King Djoser during Egypt’s 3rd dynasty. She is a living archetype of the figure of the High Priestess, and has played that role many times over in her millennia of life.

She is highly reticent to give away anything of herself even of casual nature in everyday conversation, preferring instead for others to draw their own conclusions as to her identity. She already knows from experience well enough that she tends to draw stares from others if only for her heritage and appearance alone. She was born and raised in a time and within a cultural environment for centuries thereafter where women were revered as keepers of knowledge, far unlike the oppression women are victim to by the 13th Century. As such, she holds little tolerance for racists or short-sighted misogynists who believe in their superiority by virtue of their masculinity alone.


The year of her birth had been in 2650 BC in Abydos during Egypt’s 3rd Dynasty during the reign of King Djoser. Her birth was foretold in the stars by the priests of Horus and Osiris that there would come a Great Priestess who would keep and guard the secrets of Egypt, and that she would serve as a Keeper of Memories and become a great teacher of Kings.

Her whole life had been groomed for one thing and one thing alone. To undergo the Great Rite and to become one of the Shemsu-Heru, one of Children of Horus. And in the year 2624 BC, at the age of 26, she underwent the rite and became one of the Undying.

She was taught the teachings of Thoth, and Hathor, and the ancient mysteries of other deities of the time. She had been taught to believe in the Battle against Apophis, and was taught the history of the Great Devourer, the prophecies of the War at World’s End against Set, and Horus’ Crusade against his younger brother. She had been told it was an honor to be bestowed such a gift of the gods. And indeed, for centuries in the beginning she had served her role dutifully and without question and led campaigns of her own against the followers of Set. She has wandered the sprit lands of Neter-khertet, and gazed upon the palaces of Amenti.

But in the endless years, through a score of ages, of deaths and rebirths, seeing so many things, people, and places down through so many lifetimes, seeing each crumble, age, wither and die, her commitment and dedication to Horus’ Jyhad has worn thin. What once was considered an honor, a duty and a blessing has long since revealed itself to be an unending curse. She longs for her final rest in the Gardens of A’aru knowing that such rest will forever be denied her.

In her current incarnation as Minkah Serkhet in the year 1230 AD, she still continues in service to the Followers of Horus, although her motivations for doing so have changed numerous times over the centuries, and it is a tentative alliance even at the best of times. She has long since become jaded and disillusioned to the original precepts of Horus’ war. However, she is singularly aware of the desecration and blackness that are the Followers of Set, and continues to fight the battle for the sake of humanity itself rather than any sense of loyalty to Horus himself.

With over 3500 years of existence behind her, Amisi has seen several epochs of civilization rise and fall - Egypt, Mesopotamia, Rome - and has come to the first hand realization of the cycles of history and mankind in her own personal experience. In all her duties since her return from the Underworld from her First Death, regardless of how many times she has attempted to walk away from it, she has and will continue to fulfill her role as Teacher, Keeper of Secrets, and Guardian of the Hidden Paths. She will hold the memory of humanity till such a time when she is called upon to teach the Sacred Ways to those she deems worthy to pass on the knowledge for the betterment of the human race so that they may live on to one day fulfill her golden vision of humanity to inherit their destiny and ultimately take their place among the stars themselves as teachers of the Sacred Ways. It her belief that when that happens, she experience her Final Death, and finally know peace.

1990’s - Future Imperfect

Amisi adopts the identity of Meggan Fulton, a history teacher for Matignon Parochial High School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She would go on to be trapped within a LeMarchand Puzzlebox by the hand of the Head Mistress of Matignon, 'Lady' Rosalin McCallum, later to be rescued from her imprisonment at the hands of John Black.