The Fleet Prison

Image by odomi2. Please do not use without permission

Built on an island in the river Fleet, the prison is the location of Mithras court, although the Prince himself is rumoured to make his haven beneath the Tower of London.

A prison may seem an odd and somewhat degrading choice for a Court, but Fleet offers Mithras many advantages. It boasts a secure, fortified location . Both in terms of practicality and image (it resembles a small castle, very much like a smaller version of the Tower of London), it's a good place for a Prince to hold court. It's also on a small island, which makes it easy to defend, but difficult for vampire trouble-makers to escape from - the only access, unless you're a Gangrel who can shape-shift, is across a single bridge. It's large enough to accommodate a large number of vampires. The prisoners there provide an easy source of blood for visiting Cainites (many of the captives are the worst sort of cut-throat who are destined for the hangman's noose anyway, so they won't be missed). Unlike a real castle, few mortals willingly go near the place, apart from the warders, all of whom are Dominated, under a Blood Oath, or both. And it's outside the city walls, so it's away from prying mortal eyes. But it's only JUST outside the walls, so it can be reached with only a few minutes walk.

The lower levels of the prison are dirty, stinking, and filled with the dregs of humanity. The upper story, however, is very different. A single huge chamber occupies the entire topmost floor. Decked out in tapestries bearing the seals of the great vampire clans, the room is lit by dozens of flickering candles, positioned carefully out of the way on iron sconces to avoid triggering the vampiric fear of flame. A raised dais at the far end holds a single chair of elaborately carved oak - Mithras' throne. Otherwise, the room is bare of furnishing. When Mithras holds court, ghouled servants appear bearing trays of gold goblets, filled with fresh mortal blood and lightly seasoned with exotic herbs. Some of the city's more paranoid Cainites prefer not to drink these, but some powerful and independent elders readily accept the hospitality. This tends to calm most fears.