A Requiem for Rome setting for the Chronicles of Darkness

The year is 289 A.D...

... at least according to Christian reckoning. To the Romans, it's 1042 ab urbe condita, more than a thousand years after the founding of the city of Rome.

It's been two and a half centuries since the Divine Claudius conquered Britannia, and more than two centuries since the city of Londinium arose, like a phoenix, from the ashes of Boudica's rebellion. Yet in many ways, Britannia remains a frontier province, on the fringes of the Empire both socially and geographically.

In fact, according to its present ruler, the renegade Roman Admiral Marcus Aurelius Mausaeus Valerius Carausius, it's no longer a part of the Empire at all. Carausius has declared himself Emperor, and rules (for the moment), over all of Britannia and parts of northern Gaul. Far away in Rome, the true Emperor, Diocletian, lays plans to crush the upstart, and the province is braced for the invasion which everyone knows must be coming, sooner or later.

For the Propinqui, Carausius' revolt has further complicated an already Byzantine level of political infighting. Many of the younger members of the Senex have been seduced by Carausius' soaring rhetoric about restoring the Empire to the glory days of Octavian Augustus. The Senex in Rome have started to wonder whether the Propinqui of Britannia share Carausius' secessionist ambitions. The Julii Governor, Aeliana Tertia, is struggling to persuade them otherwise, but half her own Wing are subtly undermining her efforts. A quiet civil war has broken out in the Cult of Augurs between Iulia Alpina, its nominal leader and worshiper of the old gods of Rome, and Appius Vassenius Tanicus, an upstart newcomer who seeks power among the legions through his manipulation of the Cult of Mithras. The Peregrine Collegia, its ranks swelled with native Gangrel and Nosferatu, would be the most powerful Wing of the Camarilla in London if it could manage to act as a unified force, but there's little sign of that. Despite - or perhaps because of - the persecution of Christians under Diocletian, the Lancea et Sanctum grows ever stronger, systematically eroding the Camarilla's foundations. The Legio Mortuum, striving selflessly to keep the various factions from each others' throats, is disliked or hated by all of them.