Elders of London

Marc de Brabant

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Less a wolf than a cunning fox - or perhaps, a wily coyote - Marc de Brabant is a Gangrel elder who plays the Ventrue at their own game, and usually wins. An intermittent part of London's Kindred population since the early thirteenth century, he's a silent but influential partner in a number of shipping, railway and telegraphy companies, pursuing the Gangrel clan's traditional interests in travel and communication in a very non-traditional way.

During the formation of the Camarilla in the fifteenth century, de Brabant was one of its most passionate advocates at Gangrel Gathers throughout Europe. The Inner Circle regard him as a trustworthy - insofar as the word has any meaning for them - ally. Possibly it's for this reason that Mithras "overlooked" him for the position of Gangrel Primogen - the Prince prefers his councilors to be loyal to him personally rather than agents of influence for a larger sect. Yet de Brabant also appears to enjoy the Prince's favor, even when his interests come into conflict with those of Mithras' fellow Ventrue.

Unusually for an elder, de Brabant isn't afraid to get his own hands dirty, and travels widely throughout the British Isles and Europe supervising his business interests - and, it's occasionally rumored, attending to more clandestine matters on behalf of the Prince, the Camarilla, or both.

Although he deals with anyone encroaching on his wealth or position with an elder's ruthless efficiency, he lacks a typical elder's hauteur and arrogance. His willingness to treat even younger Kindred with a measure of respect and generosity makes him a widely sought-after patron, although a few chancers who've tried to take advantage of him have lived to regret it - or usually, failed to live to regret it.