Prometheans of London

Aunty Pat

Aunty Pat, as she is known, only remembers being born in her new life back in 1943 Portsmouth by an Ulgan named Green Thumb. She was abandoned by him after only a few months, but he had taught her enough to start her off. Begining her Pilgrimage from there she began to travel round Britain with only the clothes on her back and her trusty walking staff learning quickly to blend in with the homeless of each town as no one came near them. All the better, she thought, to avoid the Disquiet, and never to stay to long so as to not inflict her surroundings with her Wasteland.

Pat has developed a strong bond with ghosts and spirits, to the point of prefering them to other Prometheans, giving her quiet a reputation for never joining a Throng. She finds the presence of the ghosts and spirits she helps comforting, for their immunity to the Disquiet means that they don't judge or reject her as flesh and blood mortals and supernaturals do.

She was given the name Aunty Pat from the ghosts and spirits she has helped. Her reputation among them has grown to the point where they now seek her out for aid.

Her constant companion on her journey is a spirit that has become extremely attached to her, a viciouse little Imp called Dorin. As much as he bothers Pat with his constant jibes and suggestions, she would be lost without him.

Having learned much about being mortal from the tales she has heard from ghosts, she has decided to seek out other supernatural beings, to try and discover more about their former lives as mortals and what drives them to not want to return to that state - or in some cases, seek it out again. After a rather unpleasant run-in with some vampires in Nottingham. Pat finds herself in London, ready to try again to understand what makes the other side tick.

January Dave

When January Dave's creator made him he did it by removing the leg of the corpse he found. When Dave awoke he cursed his creator for his prediciment a Promethean with only one leg will not last very long in the world. However Dave was resourcful he used his mind more than his physical attributes made himself indespensible to every Throng he joined. Now he wants to understand Azoth, Flux and Pyros all of it for he feels the inner fire will reveal the redemption to him. But more than that he wants to understand the miracle. He has come to London to find some way to better understand the fire in himself and his new Throng as well as how it compares to a human or supernatural soul.


Hetti felt she was made to bring music to the world. When she awoke alone the guitar in the room called to her it speaks to her when she plays telling her the cords to use. January Dave says it burns with the same fire that both of them have in place of a soul. She drives for the throng in her beatup green Vaulkswagon Campervan which is also used as their Lair for them all to sleep in or around. She has come to London to study the people and how her music affects them. She hopes that if she plays a beautiful enough song it will stop the disquiet in them and she will be able to walk among them unhindered.

Harry Two-Time

Harry tried to watch the people but he saw to much, to much suffering, to much anger and he realised to understand humanity you had to see it all you had to notice the imperfections. Now he hides in the shadow and observes the pain that humanity is. He has come to London as he has heard that is where the worst of humanity is.