Park Crescent

Van Lutyens Business Address

The highly affluent Marylebone area, just south of Regent's Park, was originally a residential area, filled with fashionable Georgian housing. Gradually, the area became home to a number of highly exclusive and gentrified businesses, particularly private medical clinics.

Park Crescent is no exception to this trend. Converted into offices in the 1960s, it is home to the kind of firms who can afford to pay through the nose for the exorbitant rents.

One of these bears a simple, if highly polished, brass plate beside the door which reads simply, "Van Lutyens". The nature of the company isn't described - no-one visits Van Lutyens' offices unless they already know what he does, and have business to transact with him. Behind the heavy oak door is a luxuriously appointed waiting room with overstuffed green leather armchairs, polished wood floors covered with exquisite Persian rugs, and display cases filled with priceless antiques. Through the double doors at the far end of the room lie the secretary's office, an oak-panelled chamber with Old Masters on the walls, dominated by a large, immaculate desk with nothing but the very latest computer equipment on its surface. Another set of double doors opens into Van Lutyens own office, a surprisingly homely room dominated by his desk and massive chair, and a medieval fireplace (rescued from a decrepit castle), surrounded by more leather armchairs. The place reeks money and respectability, and Van Lutyens goes to great lengths to ensure it stays that way.