The British Museum

Haven of House Skade

When the noted physician, naturalist and collector Sir Hans Sloane died in 1753, his will bequeathed his collection of some 71,000 objects, a library and herbarium, to the nation. From this bequest ultimately arose the British Museum, which is now London's most popular tourist attraction, with some six million visitors a year.

London's supernatural community regard the British Museum as a "shared resource", open to anyone with a scholarly interest in its collections. The Kindred have designated it an Elysium; the other communities, although lacking the concept of Elysium as such, have nonetheless agreed to practice strict non-violence within its walls.

The guarantors of the peace of the Museum are the Invictus House Skade of the Kindred, a scholarly dynasty dedicated to the accumulation of knowledge. A few Mages, such as Dr. Stella Grey, are actual employees of the Museum, but they have little enough contact with House Skade, which, of course, is mainly active outside normal working hours.

Behind its imposing neo-classical facade, the Museum has recently undergone an extensive renovation. Its world-famous Round Reading Room, completed in 1857, is now the center of a magnificent Grand Court with a huge glass roof.