Highgate Cemetary

Principal Tur of the Uratha

In the 1970s, there was a popular tale that Highgate Cemetary held a vampire. The Kindred found that hysterically funny. In the words of Dr. Knox, they avoid Highgate Cemetary "like a group of vampires with no talent for metaphor avoiding a large number of highly territorial werewolves"

Opened in 1839 as one of seven cemetaries designed to cope with an "overflow" of burials from central London, Highgate Cemetary has been an Uratha stronghold - specifically, a Bone Shadow stronghold - almost since its foundation. Its mix of beautiful, wooded rural surroundings and ambience of the grave makes it the perfect territory for the Tribe. As the closest thing the Uratha have to leaders, the Bone Shadows chose to make their stronghold available to all the People as a tur, and the location for the Uratha's regular Gatherings.

In the mortal world, the Cemetary is lovingly maintained by a charity, the Friends of Highgate Cemetary. The Uratha don't run it, exactly, for the simple reason that they don't need to. The Highgate Pack, one of the largest packs in London with no fewer than fifteen members, work as everything from tour guides to stonemasons to Board members of the charity, ensuring that they have direct, hands-on control of every practical aspect of the cemetary's functioning... and that the Uratha's regular Gatherings will not be disrupted.