Canary Wharf Tower

Headquarters of the Consilium

Technically, the Canary Wharf Tower is known as "1, Canada Square", but almost everyone refers to it simply as "Canary Wharf". The tallest building in the UK at a height of 244 metres (800 feet), above sea level, it's a prominent London landmark topped with a distinctive pyramid.

It's also the headquarters of the London Consilium and the site of a major Hallow.

The mortal world knows the Tower as an impressive achievement with a troubled history. Completed in 1991, it offered a vast expanse of office space just as the UK was sliding into recession. It took eight years before the building was fully let.

The Consilium council, comfortably ensconced in offices in the legal district of Holborn which it had occupied since the 1840s, at first took little notice of the project, which it saw as a piece of misjudged property speculation and a momument to commercial greed. Their attitude changed when they detected a powerful Hallow coalescing beneath the pyramid roof, and after some debate, they decided to transfer their operations there in mid-1999. By the time of the millenium celebrations in New Year 2000, the transfer was complete. The Consilium occupied several suites of offices on the top floors of the Tower, under the names of mortal front companies such as "Peter Philus Consulting" and "Theran Amalgamated Holdings, Inc". The staff of these companies are either Sleepwalkers or wealthy Mages, who voluntarily contribute their time to Consilium affairs and also engage in mundane commercial business. (Rents at Canary Wharf are expensive, after all, and the money has to come from somewhere).

The building maintenance staff also contains a large Mage and Sleepwalker contingent. The reason is that the pyramid roof of the building, which holds the Hallow, holds various maintenance systems, including the water circulation, air conditioning, and warning lights for approaching aircraft. The Tass from the Hallow takes the form of ice which forms on the pipes at the highest point of the water circulation system.

Meetings of the Consilium are held at the headquarters of Theran Amalgamated Holdings, a vast expanse of open office space boasting faux-marble floors, faux-Persian rugs, faux High-Renaissance artwork, faux-leather armchairs, and faux-classical sculptures. (The magnificent view from the windows is genuine, but the Consilium council are believed to be working on this).