The Natural History Museum

Home of the Kindred Grand Court

The Natural History Museum hosts the Kindred Grand Court. The Kindred use the front of a private scholarly society who book the Museum for late-night private functions as cover for their meetings. As a cover, it's fairly flimsy, but the Museum staff who are responsible for checking such things have long since been Dominated into compliance.

And so, once a month, the Kindred gather in the great entrance hall, mingling around the reconstructed skeleton of a diplodocus. The Council assemble beneath the statue of Charles Darwin on the stairs leading up to the second floor. As Robert Knox once observed, "One may define a Council member as someone who is looked down upon by Darwin while staring at a dinosaur's arse".

For all the good Doctor's cynicism, the surroundings do have an undeniable grandeur. And as the Seer dryly notes, the dinosaur skeletons are a subtle reminder to the Kindred that the world holds creatures more terrible than they are.