Ghouls and Servants

Margaret Carter, aka "Maggie Phillips", "Mother"

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The few Kindred who are aware of Mother's existence wonder how "Margaret Phillips" has avoided aging a single day since at least the early 1960s, if Thomas Wyncham really doesn't create ghouls. In fact, Mother has avoided aging a single day for a lot longer than that. She was the first ghoul that Wyncham ever created, in the early eighteenth century, and she's been with him ever since.

In her mortal days, she kept a house that was, if not exactly a brothel, certainly a place where people looking for no-strings sex could find it. These days, she's the owner of the Falco Argent designer fashion house, although she lives above Wyncham's pub, the Wyvern, and has a hand in its management. And when Wyncham needs to appear in mortal society, she actually poses as his mother. The two of them positively delight in what Wyncham has lately taken to calling their "Kevin and Perry double-act" on such occasions.

Her nickname is appropriate, because she's a fairly maternal type - kind, nurturing and with a wickedly mischievous sense of humour. Her voice is captivating - throaty, husky, and utterly distinctive - and her sense of style is undeniable, if often unconventional.

Ash Lincoln

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When he was a newly minted Detective Constable in the Metropolitan Police, Ash Lincoln was attached to Operation Gypsy, an investigation into a suspected gangland leader called Marcus Lucian. His team broke the case - almost entirely thanks to an anonymous package of documents mailed by an unknown benefactor - but Lucian himself disappeared.

Ash was assigned to try to dig into Lucian's background, only to find that the trail dead-ended about fifteen years before. But then he chanced upon a photograph of a small-time East End villain named Andrew Smith, who'd looked exactly like Lucian - but who'd disappeared in the 1950s.

The mystery was solved when Ash met a vampire, and discovered that Lucian - Smith - had been another one. Thomas Wyncham offered Ash a blunt choice - have his memory erased and his mind reprogrammed to prevent him from revealing the link between Smith and Lucian, or work for Wyncham. The latter choice involved protecting Pan's, the underage brothel that Wyncham had created to provide himself with an easy means of feeding.

Ash was furious and deeply resentful, but in the end, he decided that he'd do more good by making a Faustian pact with Wyncham than suffering a spell of enforced amnesia. Their relationship remained bitter and adversarial even after Wyncham closed Pan's. Gradually, however, as he found himself drawn deeper and deeper into the Temple's affairs, Ash started to see the old Gangrel in a more positive light.

Becoming a ghoul was something forced on him by circumstance rather than something he would willingly have chosen, and threatened to reignite his hostility towards Wyncham for a time, but in the end, he again decided to make a Faustian bargain for a perceived greater good.

Glen Lowell

Caitlin Quinn

Former Ghouls of Mick Nairne

In the 1940s, Glen Lowell was a rear gunner on a Lancaster bomber. He struck up a friendship with the flight engineer, a taciturn Scotsman named Mick Nairne, and the two men spent many happy evenings downing pints together. (At least, presumably they were happy - neither man tended to recall them very clearly the following morning). After the war ended, Lowell got a job as a mechanic in a London garage, and got interested in motorcycles.

In 1951, Mick Naire walked into Lowell's garage and offered him a job. He was a bit vague on what the job entailed at first, and by the time he got to the specifics, Lowell had taken the third drink and was in no position to back out. As Nairne gradually built up his trucking and courier business, Lowell worked as his daytime manager, supervising the other drivers and keeping the less scrupulous ones, who handled the illegal side of Nairne's operations, in line.

Like all the best Bad Girls, Caitlin Quinn grew up in a vicarage and attended an exclusive private school. Her family connections got her a well-paid job as a secretary in the City, but the Swinging Sixties were really starting to swing, and Caitlin wanted more - more money, more excitement, more danger. So she used her position to embezzle a great deal of money from her employer - enough to fund a hedonistic rock-and-roll lifestyle at weekends. She managed to pull it off for five years before she was caught, and even then, it was more through bad luck than any major mistake on her part.

She fled the police investigation and ran to her favourite boyfriend, a man named Glen Lowell. Nairne decided that the sudden appearance of a skilled book-keeper with enough nous to fool a major City firm for half a decade was a gift from Fate, and brought her under the Vinculum in 1973.

Wayland's Smithy's botched attempt to capture Mick Nairne left him as a pile of ashes and his two ghouls as prisoners. After the Temple ransomed them back from the Smithy, the two fell in with Thomas Wyncham, who agreed to use the Vitae Reliquary to allow them both to remain ghouls yet maintain their free will

Wyncham was never keen on the responsibility of two more ghouls, however, and when Nick Owen decided to move to the Wyvern, he took the opportunity to give them their own independent existence as the new managers of Volaticus. Since taking it over, they've expanded it from a simple motorcycle courier business into a small chain of biker bars and a maintenance/repair shop