Lower Ranking Kindred

Stuart Taylor

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Carthian Troubleshooter

Stuart Taylor is a sort of gumshoe for the Carthian Movement, the guy they call in when the case is annoying or perplexing rather than important. He seems to have a peculiar sixth sense about the cases he investigates that has nothing to do with Disciplines - an inexplicable knack for coming up with hunches that always pay off.

His skill as an investigator pre-dates his Embrace. He started off as a vampire hunter, who somehow obtained information on various illegal scams run by a minor Invictus, mailed them anonymously to Scotland Yard, and then tracked the Kindred to his back-up haven in a private yaught club and burned him to death. The Invictus wanted him dead, but the Sheriff saw that as a waste of potential. She argued before the Council that Taylor had been motivated by the crimes of his Invictus victim, rather than a general desire to destroy all Kindred, and that he should be offered the Embrace as an alternative to death.

Taylor wasn't very happy with either choice, but he saw the Embrace as the least-bad option, and was brought into Clan Gangrel by the Sheriff herself.

Oddly, Stuart Taylor has no background in investigation or police work. As a mortal, he was a trainee telephone engineer who made extra money by working on the nightclub scene as a stripper. His sunlight allergy forced him to give up the day job, but he still earns a modest wage from stripping - enough to maintain a basic haven, a lock-up garage in Camden, and to cover clothes and travel expenses. As a stripper, he has certain advantages that make him a popular draw for the crowds. First, a Daeva ally taught him the rudiments of Majesty - just enough to give the punters a little extra jolt of adreneline. Second, he's naturally graceful and a surprisingly good dancer. And third, certain elements of his... physique... enable him, as he delicately puts it, to go to great lengths to entertain an audience.


Scholar of the Untamed Hunger

Morganna came to London in the early nineteen-twenties. A Daeva, she had worked as a nurse during the Great War, ministering to the victims of what is now termed Post-Traumatic Stress. Unfortunately for her, the mental institution where she worked was haunted by a Daeva ancilla of the Invictus, who found the mental patients a convenient source of food - after all, who would believe their rantings of monsters in the night? They did that anyway, whether they were victims of the undead or not.

Morganna discovered him and tried to stop him, but for some reason, he Embraced her instead of killing her. She fled, and spent several years wandering through England, constantly one step ahead of the sun, before she finally decided to try her luck in London. She adopted the alias "Morganna" during this period of wandering, and has always refused to tell any other Kindred her real name.

That, at least, is what she's always told London's Kindred. The truth is a little more complicated. She really was a nurse during the Great War, but she was also a very junior member of Wayland's Smithy. Her sire was no Invictus, but Robert de Courcey, Sheriff of London in Simon Mercadier's time, who the Smithy had discovered lying torpid in the remains of his Haven. And when she fled, it was after she had led an insurrection which burned a large portion of Carnac hospital, the Smithy's base at the time, to the ground. As for the name "Morganna", she chose it as a bitterly ironic tribute to "Merlin", the leader of Wayland's Smithy, who she believed had died during her revolt

With her abilities, Morganna could easily have qualified as a doctor in a less sexist age, rather than a nurse. The Ordo Dracul saw in her the potential which her mortal contemporaries had missed, and welcomed her into its ranks. A somewhat grim and driven personality, she rejects the humanist direction in which Wyncham tries to guide the Dragons, focussing on her research and studies with little regard for the consequences to others.

Ben Foster

Newly Embraced Neonate

A soldier serving with the parachute regiment in Afghanistan, Ben Foster was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour and told he had perhaps a year to live.

Wayland's Smithy conceived an ambitious scheme to "save" him while at the same time planting a "sleeper agent" amongst the Kindred. They forced Robert de Courcey to Embrace him and then turned him loose.

At first, the deception was successful. Ben staggered into the Confessions Club, covered in blood, and was "adopted" by Abbe Fancois and Morganna. After the Mage Stella Grey exposed his deception, though, he fled back to Wayland's Smithy

Felicia Truscott

Inner Circle agent of the Exiles

Felicia Truscott is widely discounted by most of London's Kindred. Not only is she the agent of one of the most prominent Invictus exiles - the Daeva, Robert Mortain - her very Embrace is also seen as a foolish mistake on her sire's part.

Felicia Truscott was born Jane Trotter in a poor area of East London. She escaped from poverty by becoming a "glamour girl", swiftly graduating from page three of the Sun to Playboy, and in the process managing to attract the eye of several B-list celebrities in a position to help her escape from the relative poverty of her background. Those who knew her - and could be bothered to keep track of her activities - sneered that she'd had "more lays than ancient Rome", never noticing how skillfully she was "trading up" her paramours to better her own position.

The general assumption amongst the Kindred was that her sire - a notorious womanizer - had simply fallen for her ample charms. Of course, the general assumption didn't explain why a two hundred year old elder would take leave of his senses and pay the enormous personal cost of the Embrace over something as minor and petty as a casual infatuation.

Actually, while she's adept at playing every different kind of dumb blonde, Felicia is anything but. She's a skilled manipulator and an increasingly adept politician, and a master at exploiting the fact that she's so underestimated. The status of the Exiles is so low that even her considerable abilities can't really repair their image, but she's parlayed her allegedly token position as her sire's representative into a seat at most of the Invictus tables in London - even if most of them think they only invited her to make up the numbers. Her loyalty to her sire, and even the Invictus itself, is and always will be second to her own self-interest, making her a far more significant and dangerous wild card than most of her fellow members of the First Estate realize.

Victor Tyrell

Inner Circle agent of the Eagle

The Tyrell family have served the Eagle for generations, but they also boast a proud record of service in the Armed Forces, especially the Royal Navy. Victor Tyrell served with distinction towards the close of the ninteenth century, rising to command his own destroyer before retiring a full Captain in 1902. Recalled to service in World War One, he showed great valour in that conflict as well, and was twice decorated for bravery after being wounded in the cause of duty. His reward was the Embrace - at the fangs, rumour has it, of the Eagle himself.

Tyrell is respected because he's known to be serving the interests of the Invictus as a whole. His master has no interest in claiming Praxis over London - he remains content, as he has been for centuries, with his own impregnable base of power along the south coast. But he does want a sympathetic Invictus Prince in control of London, as there was in the days when his childe Hugh Marlowe occupied the throne

Formal and incisive, Tyrell is unmistakably military in manner and bearing. The Invictus culture of rules and rigid protocol suits his personality perfectly, and his unimpeachable courage and honour - demonstrated over decades of service as a mortal - has been quietly circulated by less scrupulous members of the First Estate to undercut the image of cowardice with which the Invictus was tainted by the flight of the Exiles. As a representative of the Prince of another Doomain, he doesn't wield a great deal of personal power, but he does command a huge amount of respect

Diedre Monaghan

Member of the Invictus Inner Circle

Diedre Monaghan's family went from riches to rags in the Wall Street Crash when she was ten, burning a painful lesson into her young mind - never take anything for granted, never assume your fortunes are secure, and always have a back-up plan

She had inherited her father's business brain, and by 1943 she was working in OSS Istanbul as an alleged "secretary" - part of the banking front operation that the OSS had established. She was never a field agent herself, but she picked up a fair number of dirty tricks from the OSS, as well as a number of contacts in Britain. At the end of the war, she accepted the offer of a well-paid financial secretary's position in London from a merchant banker who knew of her through his own SOE connections

Paranoia - or perhaps greed - drove her to develop a number of highly ingenious ways to supplement her income through complex frauds which were almost foolproof. Sylvester Goldsmith was immensely impressed by her, enough that he decided to Embrace her in 1952. She proved to be the prodigy that he was hoping for, but with a disturbing streak of what he called "radicalism", an aggressive attitude towards re-establishing Invictus dominance which jarred with Sylverster's own cautious, conservative approach.

Sire and childe do remain close, but Diedre is also a close ally of Beatrice Holmes, who she sees as a more effective political operator than Sylvester.