Kindred Council Officers

Rebecca Harper, Sheriff of London

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Rebecca Harper was a Victorian adventuress before it became fashionable. Born some time in the 1830s to a poor but educated rural clergyman, she was the youngest of five siblings, and the least biddable. Her fiercely independent spirit made her determined to make her own way in the world; her formidable intellect gave her the means to do it.

It came to and end in an appropriately dramatic fashion when she was shot in the back by a Prussian spy, while she was trying to escape from a Parisian townhouse with some secret documents. She survived, but she was crippled, barely able to walk., and facing a life confined to a wheelchair.. until one of her former paramours, a Gangrel who shared her taste for adventure and had long admired her spirit, offered her an alternative.

Sire and childe roamed Europe together as nomads for several decades. But as she approached the end of what would have been her mortal span of years, Rebecca felt a need to put down roots for a while and explore Kindred society. As the century turned, she finally returned to London.

She was aggressively courted by several Covenants, but after a mortal lifetime of defying convention, the Carthian philosophy of change appealed to her the most. She threw herself into the Danse Macarbre, although she gave the impression that she wasn't quite taking it seriously - as though it were nothing more than a game of chance to be learned and mastered. She served for several terms as a Myrmidon in the 1940s and 1950s, and earned enough respect in the position that she was a natural choice for the new Sheriff when her predecessor went into torpor in 1963.

Her style is definitely that of a detective (and, where necessary, assassin), rather than the brutal legbreakers who occupy the position in some other domains, but as she says herself, the quietest knives are the sharpest. She is answerable only to the Council in full session, and publicly reports to them at each Grand Court. The Council's statutes do contain a provision for removing the Sheriff by majority vote, but Rebecca has been effective enough (and careful enough not to make enemies), that no such motion has ever been tabled.

Some Kindred have noticed that she seems to have a past relationship with Dr. Knox. The way they talk to each other whenver the subject of one of their pasts comes up - with nods and winks and secretive half-smiles - seems to be a rather heavy hint at a mutual history of some kind. There's speculation that Knox might have been one of her "gentleman companions" when they were both still breathing, but if so, neither has ever commented on it publicly.