The Red Cell Conspiracy


The conspiracy that would eventually become known as Red Cell was formed in the closing days of World War I. Created by Executive Order, it was named the White Tower and given the task of investigating and monitoring Communist Russia and defend against Communist insurgents, both foreign and domestic.

In the course of fulfilling its mission, the White Tower soon became aware of the various denizens living in the shadows of humanity. It continued to collect intelligence on these groups, passing the information along to groups who could make more effective use of the knowledge.

In the 1930's, President Roosevelt had the White Tower move its focus from Russia to Germany. As the White Tower watched, it informed the President and Joint Chiefs of the research and alliances the Nazis were making with things not human. The White Tower managed to infiltrate agents all across Europe, and was instrumental in smuggling out of Europe a number of Jewish scientists, academics, and occultists.

The group took particular interest in the occultists, and a place was found for many prominent and respect rabbis who were well versed in the occult sciences: astronomy, alchemy, numerology, and especially the kabbalah. In 1944, the White Tower was rolled into the newly formed Task Force: Valkyrie, though from the beginning there was tension between the two groups.

As the war was nearing its end, the White Tower descended on Europe to salvage what research and knowledge it could, often times arriving too late and being forced to watch as the soldiers of Task Force Valkyrie burned and destroyed priceless knowledge and research.

In 1946, in a small town in France, seven men and women came together to hatch a plan. They were Jewish scholars, academics, politicians, soldiers, doctors, and even musicians. All of them had fought the Nazis, all had learned of the horrors that existed in the world around them, and all of them had managed to acquire and preserve some of the greatest occult secrets of the Nazis Regime. They believed that without knowledge and understanding, defense against the darkness was impossible.

On the sunny afternoon, the White Tower was no more and Red Cell was formed.

Red Cell continued to be a small department in Task Force: Valkyrie, developing its intelligence capabilities and gathering knowledge about the creatures that go bump in the night. In the 1960's, with President Johnson's domestic agenda and the Vietnam War consuming more and more of the American budget, Red Cell was shuffled over to the CIA, and its directive was expanded to include communism once more.

But the core mission of the conspiracy remained. With its new position in the U.S. intelligence apparatus, it began to fully exploit the knowledge gained from the Nazis. Jewish mystics who had come to America before and after the war helped it to unlock the Keys of King Solomon. It followed up and completed areas of research that the Nazi regime had begun, accumulating both wealth and power in the process.

In 1989, when the Berlin Wall came down, Red Cell seized upon the chance to detach itself from the U.S. Government. The division was shut down and reformed several weeks later as an independent contractor and intelligence think tank.


Today, Red Cell has successfully deciphered 8 of the keys of Solomon, 2 more than any other group in the world. Using these keys, they have developed a way to protect assets and installations from subversion or infiltration. They sell this security to hunter groups, private companies, and governments, collecting a large payment in the process which is used to further its core mission.

Red Cell offers its services to anyone willing to pay, a policy that is extremely controversial both within and outside the group. Although frequently debated, it has ultimately been concluded that herd immunity is more important than the feelings of individual agents. Any group that contracts its services becomes a threat to the creatures in the shadows, and helps defend humanity whether or not that is their intent.

Of the original conspirators, only one remains alive. Referred to as the Old Man and Management, he has successfully guided the conspiracy for a half century. He shows no signs of slowing down, though in recent years he has expanded his inner circle, building a leadership structure to carry on in case of his death.