The Malkavians

Lisa-Beth Whitby, Prince of London

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They call her the "accidental Prince", the woman who owes her exalted position solely to the fact that all of the worthier candidates for the post hate each other more than they hate her.

But nobody ever becomes a vampire Prince by accident, certainly not of a city as large and important as London. As political sharks go, Lisa-Beth Whitby is a Great White, a predator who's all the deadlier for spending most of her time lurking unseen beneath the water.

She was born plain Elizabeth Gregg in 1635, to a family with a witchcraft tradition going back centuries. In 1653, she married David Whitby, a London publican from another old witchcraft family, to formalize an alliance between the two lines. The two supplemented the income from their tavern by selling various hedge magic charms, including maleficia, to London's criminal community, which brought them to the attention of London's premier criminal lord, the Malkavian elder who called himself the Jackdaw.

The Jackdaw was impressed enough with Lisa-Beth, as she had taken to calling herself, to make her his ghoul, one of a small cadre of elite agents who acted as his eyes and ears in the city. During the Great Fire of 1666, the Whitbys' evil reputation finally caught up with them - David was hanged by a lynch mob after being accused of starting the fire, and Lisa-Beth narrowly escaped a similar fate. She was dying of internal injuries sustained as a result of a savage beating when the Jackdaw found her. Rather than lose such a talented servant, he chose to Embrace her.

She spent the next couple of centuries lurking on the fringes of various political, occult and conspiratorial groups, often acting as her sire's agent provocateur to undermine them and divert them from threatening Kindred interests. She rose to prominence during the Sabbat attacks of 1848, when she distinguished herself in battle against several packs. She vanished for a few decades afterwards, and was assumed by most Kindred to have been forced into torpor by the injuries she'd taken during the fighting. In reality, she had diablerized a Brujah pack leader under cover of the conflict, and found it exppedient to drop out of sight until the black veins had faded from her aura.

By the closing decades of the nineteenth century, she had established herself as a prominent Harpy, and in 1931, she assumed her sire's seat as Malkavian Primogen after he dropped into torpor. Decades of careful politicking, much of it conducted under the nose of the unsuspecting Queen Anne, paid off when she emerged as a surprise compromise candidate for Prince in 2004.