c. 1346 B.C.
First known historical divergence point: The Pharoah Akhenaten discovers the Jewel, part of an Atlantean time-manipulation device, and builds a Temple complex centered around it
Archbishop Simon Mercadier sends his servant, Sicarius, to South America, to investigate rumours of a Kindred group there which has learned the secret of surviving Final Death. Mercadier Dominates his childe, Thomas Wyncham, into forgetting the stories (which Wyncham originally translated from the journal of a Conquistador priest)
Second known historical divergence point: the Great Fire of London doesn't happen. Mercadier's degenerate Lancea Sanctum regime continues to dominate London's shadow community
Mercadier and his Sheriff, Robert de Courcey, discover the existence of the Beshilu, and form an uneasy alliance with them. Plague in London intensifies as a result of the activities of the Beshilu and the Sanctified Morbus
Mercadier and de Courcey discover the existence of the Temple conspiracy. Its leaders flee to the Eagle's domain on the South Coast
The Night of Blood. Magical rituals cast by the Mage Polis weaken Mercadier and his key supporters, and a combined Uratha/Kindred strike team wipe them out. Thomas Wyncham, who volunteered to serve as a sympathetic link to allow the spell to target Mercadier, collapses into a decade-long torpor shortly thereafter
Third known historical divergence point: The Treaty of Versailles refrains from punishing Germany with crippling debts. Over the next two decades, Germany rebuilds itself and becomes a prosperous democracy, aided by the lack of a Gold Standard to act as a drag on the international economy
The Stewart Expedition discovers the 18th Dynasty Temple Complex of the Heretic Pharoah Akhenaten at Amarna in Egypt. Professor Stewart and a large percentage of the expedition are killed when his young assistant, Gary Machin, accidentally triggers an ancient booby trap that causes a cave-in. The consciousness of the Jewel's Atlantean Creator, lying dormant within the artefact, influences Machin to smuggle it out of the tomb in the aftermath of the disaster. The discovvery eclipses Carter's earliier discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun
The alternative version of Adolf Hitler dies of complications of alcoholism, never having got close to power
The Soviet War. Stalin attempts to annexe large portions of Eastern Europe, but is driven back by the Western allies. The war is ended by a rocket attack on Moscow in 1955 in which Stalin is presumably killed, although his body is never found
Germany forms the European Economic Community. Britain refuses to join
The British Empire formally becomes the British Commonwealth, a trading and mutual-defence alliance - ironically, largely based on Germany's model for the EEC
King George VI dies. His daughter Princess Elizabeth ascends to the throne as Queen Elizabeth II
The Pacific Prosperity Group is created as an alliance of the Brazilian Sacristan Conglomerate (a thinly veiled front for drug cartels and allied supernatural factions), and the Malaysian Independent Bank (which is controlled by a cabal of Egyptian-based Purified) The PPG is primarily intended as a means to pursue Gary Machin's Jewel project. Machin is still mortal at this point, but already involved with the Egyptian Purified cabal
Gary Machin dies, but rises again as one of the Purified
The Alterna reality starts to collide with the Born from Fire reality as a result of Dr. Stella Grey's botched attempt to activate the Device. The crisis is averted, but the Curia Regis becomes aware that the Sacristan Conglomerate is a front for South American supernatural factions, and resolve to investigate