Lower Ranks

Rory McCay, "Abdiel"

Rory has recently arrived in London from Wales. Heís accompanied by his girlfriend/"partner-in-crime" Cassie. The two have taken up residence in a Sanctum overlooking the Thames with a splendid view of the Golden Rose. The Sanctum is protected by intricate wards which use misdirection and mental fogging to make it difficult to approach the apartment or even reach the correct floor in the building. He has amazingly good luck even when itís not possible for him to be working with any aspects of Fate. His relationship with his Mentor was adversarial at best which led to the dissolution of their partnership over a year ago with Rory publicly distancing himself from the openly cantankerous, and privately abusive, Sŗdic.

Heí's got to work to ensure that the opinions of his mentor donít color his own feelings toward the mages of London and to not lot the feelings of those other mages towards Sŗdic negatively impact their feelings towards him.

To everyone in London, except Cassie, heís known as Abdiel, a name pulled directly from Miltonís "Paradise Lost".

Diana Harrington, Vala of the Circle of the Crone

Third of the Norns (Urd, the Maiden)

The daughter of a respected visiting Professor at the British Museum in the late nineteenth century, Diana Harrington spent her entire breathing life ensconced in the realms of academia. Her father was a noted anthropologist and ancient historian, and used Diana as his research assistant and sounding board. She never resented it; to the contrary, she would have been appalled at the thought of leading any other life. Slightly autistic (though not to the point of social dysfunction), she resented every second that her nose was out of a book. One or two of the more cerebral Crones started to use her as a source of knowledge on ancient beliefs and customs, never realizing how much her brilliant, obsessive brain was noting of their odd behaviour and habits. Someone with a more "normal" mindset might have dismissed the evidence of their own eyes when they noticed that their nocturnal visitors weren't breathing; it would never have occurred to Diana to do so. It only took her a few months of quiet, methodical research to put together a fairly comprehensive portrait of London's Kindred population.

In the process, she attracted the attention of the Seer, who recognized in her, perhaps, a kindred spirit of sorts; someone whose way of looking at the world was far different from the norm. Guided by her insight, the Seer approached Diana with a straightforward business proposition; accept the Embrace and receive not only eternity to pursue her research, but also the first-hand knowledge of the ancient world which the Seer possessed. Diana accepted after only minimal consideration, becoming the Seer's childe that same night.

Utterly academic and completely apolitical, Diana wields very little power over either the Circle of the Crone or the Kindred as a whole, but she does command a great deal of respect. As Vala, or Low Priestess, she leads the Circle's rituals in her sire's absence, and as the pre-eminent Semiotician amongst the Acolytes, her knowledge of ritual and blood magic is second only to the Seer's - greater even than elders like Susanna Thane. In her role as the Maid, she offers an "untainted" and objective perspective which is greatly valued by the other two Norns, who listen to her advice far more attentively than she realizes. Not, of course, that she'd care very much either way if she did realize.

Profesor Gary Machin

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Rejuvenated Egyptologist

Gary Machin was born in 1916, the son of a bank manager. An academic star from an early age, he won his place at Oxford through a scholarship, impressing his tutor, Professor Edward Stewart, who perhaps saw in Machin something of himself in his own younger days - a brilliant outsider from a poor background. Stewart became a mentor figure to the young Machin, almost a second father, and Machin was a frequent guest at the Stewart household, forming a close friendship with the Professor's eldest son and an initially-unrequited crush on his younger daughter

Machin was Professor Stewart's secretary during the ill-fated expedition which discovered the Mortuary Complex of the Heretic Pharoah Akhenaten. He was crushed by survivor's guilt when most of the expedition were killed, and it was only the devoted care of the Professor's daughter which brought him out of his shell. The couple married in 1941, and their one child, a daughter also named Elizabeth, was born in 1943. Elizabeth the younger married an American caled Hector Bright in 1965, and emigrated in the same year. After her husband's death from lung cancer in 2005, Elizabeth moved back to her father's old house in reading, where she still lives. The three children of her marriage all live in America, although they commute to England regularly to visit her.

Machin himself continued as an Egyptologist, enjoying a distinguished academic career at Oxford. He produced some of his most notable work after his retirement - when his wife died in 1989, he threw himself into his work with almost manic intensity. He died in 1999, and was buried, at his own request, in his beloved Egypt

Or so the world believes. In fact, Professor Machin died only to rise again as one of the Purified. He spearheaded the formation of the Pacific Prosperity Group as part of the project to unlock the secrets of the Jewel, and now he finds himself facing the consequences of that decision, as the true nature of the Sacristan Conglomerate and its backers starts to emerge...

Chan Bahlum

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A sinister figure whose nature and motives remain clouded in mystery for now, Chan Bahlum arrived in London after the Jewel plot was defeated and Sicarius killed. Although he is attended by one group of Camazotz, he is clearly at odds with at least one other. A possible clue to his origins is that he speaks Classical Nahuatl, the language of the ancient Mesoamerican empires...